A Guide to the China Customs Declaration Mini-Program on WeChat

Once you arrive in China you will be asked to add the China Customs Wechat mini-program.

You will either be given a sheet with the QR code to scan or you can add it before you leave Canada.

You can find it by clicking “Discover” at the bottom of your WeChat. Then click “Mini Programs.” You can search for the “Customs Pocket Declaration” and download it. Or scan the QR code below on WeChat.

Scan here for the China Customs Mini Program

You need to create a login and you can use your Canadian phone number to fill out the Health Declaration.

It is imporant to keep track of your flight number and seat number.

You do need to have a local contact (Name, number and address) – I used my boyfriend, but you can also use your boss or school information.

You also need to add the address on your passport, as well as the date of your flight.

If you add anything incorrectly, the staff at the airport are very helpful. You will need to scan the QR code that the mini-program generates at the end upon arrival in China. It also must be filled out no more than 24 hours before you land, so it is best to fill it out just before you board. You can also fill it out upon arrival in China but it saves time if you have it done already There will be lots of forms to fill out, so one less can make the whole process easier.

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