A Guide to the Tianjin Health Code

The Tianjin Health Code – 津心办官方 – is fairly simple and can be filled out in English, however it does require your full address, including subdistrict, community, residential quarter and travel history of the last 14 days.

The first step is to find the mini program. You can search 津心办官方 on WeChat. Then go to mini programs and you should see a blue e like seen above or scan the qr code below. Then click ‘add to my programs’ and it will then appear in your discover tab on WeChat. 

Scan the QR code to get the Tianjin Health Code

Now that you have the program, you can fill it out and get your code. Add your passport number, name and address. 

Different people coming from different countries “turn green” within 1-3 days. For those newly arriving in China, it is recommended to apply for the code once you get your final quarantine covid test results since then there high chances of your code being green right away. 

And done! In case you need further explanations, here is an article from Exploring Tianjin breaking it down in more detail.

As described to us by Erum, our resident Tianjin expert.


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