Appropriate Masks for Travel

Masks are an important first line defense against COVID-19 infection. It is important that while there are many styles of masks, try to choose one that comfortably covers your nose and chin. If the ear straps are too long, you can knot them to make the mask fit. There are also ear savers you can buy, which is a strap that goes around the back of your head and usually has two buttons of fasteners to attach the ear mask loops to. You also will want to bring more than one mask for your flight to China, since the flight and arrivals process is long and masks provide less protection once wet. It is recommended to change your mask every few hours to provide the best protection and keep you comfortable.

Also be aware that some people can be allergic to the antibacterial coating of some disposable masks. There are hypoallergenic disposable masks for those with sensitive skin.

For extra protection on the flight and for convenience while eating, invest in a face shield. You are still asked to cover your mouth while you chew food or after you sip water.

Appropriate Masks for Flights to China

KN95 mask (which is a Chinese version of an N95)
N95 mask
Surgical Mask
Cloth mask with N95 filter (may depend on the airline)

Banned Masks

Masks with valves or vents (since they don’t protect others from you)
Lace or mesh masks
Neck and face gators
Masks with breathing holes

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