Current Testing Requirements for Entering China

Current as of May 19, 2022

In order to return to China from Canada, it is necessary to complete two PCR tests, the first two days before departure and the second one day before departure and an antigen test no more than 12 hours before departure of the flight to China. The PCR tests must be done at Chinese consulate-approved testing centres, the antigen test can be done at any lab approved by Health Canada but must be a lab and not self-administered. The relevant notice outlining these requirements can be here. You will use the PCR test results to upload to the HDC (health declaration code) to apply for a green code before your flight. Here is the original embassy notice about the HDC from when it was launched. The antigen tests do not need to be uploaded to the HDC and will be checked by the airline.

The list of Chinese consulate approved testing centres can be found posted as appendix 1 on the notice above on the Chinese Embassy website. Unfortunately many provinces/territories and cities in Canada do not have approved testing locations. The two PCR tests must be done at testing locations under the same consulate jurisdiction, meaning you cannot do the two before departure PCR test in Toronto and then fly to Vancouver and do the one day before departure test there because either the Toronto consulate or the Vancouver consulate will approve your health code and therefore the PCR tests must both be done at testing centres approved by one or the other. However, you could do both PCR tests in Toronto and then fly to Vancouver and do the antigen test there since it can be done at any Health Canada approved lab. YVR does have suitable testing facilities.

The personal health monitoring form can be found here. Health monitoring and self-isolation seven days before the flight is highly recommended by the Chinese Embassy.

For flights just after midnight, usually the


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