Emergency Numbers in China

Here are some important phone numbers that hopefully you do not need, but are good to have handy if you ever do.

Local Chinese Emergency Numbers

These are the local Chinese emergency numbers, equivalent to our 911, except there are different ones depending on the service you need. 

police: 110

ambulance/medical assistance: 120

fire: 119

roadside assistance: 112

Canadian Consular Emergency Assistance

During business hours (around 8:30/9pm- 4/5pm Monday-Friday), the Canadian government recommends you contact the nearest Canadian consulate for emergency consular assistance.

Embassy of Canada in Beijing: +86 (10) 5139-4000.

Consulate General of Shanghai: Emergency number (toll-free from Shanghai): 10-800-140-0125

Consulate General of Canada Guangzhou: +86 (20) 8611-6100

Consulate General of Canada Chongqing:  +86 (23) 6373-8007

Outside of normal business hours, you may contact the 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa

It can be reached by either calling this number collect: 1(613) 996-8885

sending an SMS to this number: 1(613)-209-1233 

filling out this emergency contact form

or emailing: sos@international.gc.ca.

Registering as Canadians Abroad

Registering as a Canadian abroad is a free service from the government of Canada for Canadians traveling or living abroad. By registering, you will receive updates of any changing situations/emergencies/disasters/civil unrest,  either in China or at home. It takes about a minute to fill out your contact info and can be a good idea,  especially in 2020. Here is the Government of Canada site to register.


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