Tips on Filling out the Health Declaration Form

Frequently asked Questions about the Health Declaration Form

Where can I find the health declaration form?

How long is it good for?

 About 36 hours from when its approved.

When can I upload my results?

You can upload them as soon as you receive them or wait until the morning of the flight.

How long does it take to receive your QR Code?

It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours. There is no standard response time.

Which browser can I use?

For iPhone use safari, and for Android users can use Chrome.

Can I use my computer to assess the application?

You can use your computer but it’s best to use a mobile device, as you may be asked to access the website in front of airline employees.

Is it ok to take a screenshot of my QR code?

Depending on the airline a screenshot of the QR code may or may not be accepted. You may be asked to access the application and show a real-time QR code.

Health Declaration Form Help for iPhone

Sometimes the application is not user friendly for iPhone users so here is a helpful guide.

Its a good idea to preregister a few days before your flight to avoid delays in case the website just doesn’t want to cooperate.

1. Use safari web browser and turn off any pop-up blockers.

2. Type in the address, do not copy and paste, safari has the habit of capitalizing the first letter in the web-link, so double check that its lowercase.

3. Switch the language to English in the upper right hand corner.

4. Enter your e-mail address and then click “Get the Verification Code”

5. Once the verification code is e-mailed to you, enter it into the website.

6. Check the “personal information and privacy policy” block and then press “The next step button.”

7 . Now for the tricky part – the password. The explanation is vague: it states that your password should be a collection of capital and lower-case letters and figures. What they mean is numbers and and both upper and lowercase letters.

Password Rules That Aren’t Mentioned

Do not use the names of any Chinese cities or provinces in your password, as then it will not be accepted.

ex: Be1jing, China123

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